Bullying the Fat Newscaster

A video has been circulating today regarding a letter received by WKBT newscaster Jennifer Livingston.

The letter was actually an email from a viewer asking her to consider the effect that her appearance may have on young, impressionable viewers.  Livingston then goes on a four minute rant about how this was bullying and it was wrong.

First off, she is incredibly overweight.  Secondly, the author of the email was spot on (watch the video to get the full letter details).  Lastly, this was a private email and never would have seen the light of day if she didn’t go on-air to give her statement of the union address.

If she put the same effort into developing a healthy diet and exercise plan that she put into her response then perhaps she wouldn’t receive any further letters or be subject to scrutiny about her appearance.  Seems to me like a fat person playing the victim role…

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