Fit ‘Lil Protein Cookie – Peanut Oatmeal Cookie


Welcome to the world of lazy cooking!

Today’s recipe is the ultimate in terms of ‘lazy cooking’. I received a request from a lovely lady asking for a protein cookie recipe. Happily I accepted the challenge but then it dawned on me why I rarely make cookies in the first place. Mess. Bowls upon dirty bowls of sticky mess and flour everywhere from hand mixing. Spooning out bits of batter one lump at a time, hoping that they are somewhat even…and then the temptation of an entire batch of cookies just waiting to be eaten. I almost copped out because I didn’t think my laziness could cope.

But then it dawned on me. Don’t I have a microwave? You know…a microwave oven? And so, the idea for the quick, single serving protein cookie was born. It turns out I am not the fist person who has attempted to make single serving cookies in the microwave so this is not as revolutionary as I would have hoped. However, after some trial and error (whey…why do you have to be so dry?) I have my first recipe for a quick, high protein cookie made in the microwave!

The Fit ‘Lil Peanut Oatmeal Protein Cookie 

(named after Fit ‘Lil Badass who requested it!)


You Will Need:


1/4 cup raw oats

1/2 scoop vanilla (or peanut butter) whey protein powder

1/2 scoop vanilla casein (very important to use casein to make it more moist. You *can* use straight whey but it will be drier and the cookie will NOT need flipping)

1 tbsp PB Fit

1/2 tsp baking powder

2-3 tbsp milk (I used 45 cal/cup coconut milk)

1 packet Stevia

1 tbsp peanuts, chopped

PAM or non-stick cooking spray

A microwave safe plate.

Let’s Make This!


Thoroughly combine all dry ingredients EXCEPT the peanuts. Then add 2 tbsp of the milk and mix in well. It will make a very sticky dough that you may need to work with your hands. If the dough remains too crumbly then add the extra tbsp of milk.


Add the tbsp of chopped nuts and combine. Another option is to wait until you have shaped the cookie on the plate and poke them in then. Both work fine.


Spray a plate with cooking spray. Roll the dough into a ball and then press into the plate to shape into a cookie. You may need to pat the dough down a bit. (this is where you can poke the peanuts in if you forget to earlier)

Microwave for 1 minute!


You’ll see it will have grown a little…

Now carefully peel the cookie from the plate and flip it.


Microwave for 15 seconds more.

Allow to cool right side up on a paper towel for 30s.


Eat it while it’s warm!!


Serves 1


PRO: 35g

FAT: 10g

CHO: 24g

Fiber: 5g

Sodium: 331mg

Potassium: —

DISCLAIMER: I named this a ‘Peanut’ cookie and not peanut butter because I didn’t want to get flamed by peanut butter fanatics. There was no real peanut butter used in the making of this cookie so I felt that it was only fair to call this a peanut cookie and not a peanut butter cookie…so please do not make this expecting it to taste like real peanut butter!

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