How did I get to this point?  Well, I ask myself that question all the time. I’ve been involved with health and fitness for close to two decades, and have worked with numerous individuals to achieve their goals, upon request, over the years. This was never for pay and was normally either a co-worker, family member, or friend who was just looking for some motivation to develop a consistent workout and nutritional plan. Honestly, I really enjoy watching people transform their lifestyle, body composition, diet, and seeing the joy it brings them when they realize what truly being healthy feels like.

Lately, I’ve really just developed an insane irritation at all the misinformation and horrible training and nutritional methodology that I’m seeing occur at an alarming rate. I’m irritated at doctors who are quick to prescribe medication instead of a healthy change in lifestyle.  Most of all, I’m irritated at people who appear to have just lost their zest for life as evidenced by the morbid obesity they’ve accumulated.  When I encounter pseudo-science, I will attempt to set the record straight here.