Food Anxiety: How Do I Overcome My Food Anxiety?

I began this series on how food anxieties are born and strengthened and addressed how your outlook on food could be cultivating these fears. For some, a little reassurance of the absurdity of certain attitudes towards food can go a long way to weaken these fears. For those lucky ones it’s enough to put them […]

Black Bean Protein Brownies

Welcome to the World of Lazy Cooking

When I think of a treat brownies are not usually the first baked good that comes to mind but every time that I have one in any form I have a reoccurring, ‘Why don’t I eat these more??’ moment.

The best […]

Fit ‘Lil Protein Cookie – Peanut Oatmeal Cookie

Welcome to the world of lazy cooking!

Today’s recipe is the ultimate in terms of ‘lazy cooking’. I received a request from a lovely lady asking for a protein cookie recipe. Happily I accepted the challenge but then it dawned on me why I rarely make cookies in the first […]

Food Anxiety: Should I Eat This?

Thanks to all of the conflicting information out there about proper nutrition the question ‘what would you like to eat?’ has become loaded, to say the least. It has become so loaded that the intense turmoil following such inquiries has become the subject of many hilarious internet memes. I won’t post any here since […]

Food Anxiety: How the ‘Good Food/Bad Food’ Mentality Could Be Affecting Your Brain

Food Anxiety: How the ‘Good Food/Bad Food’ Mentality Could Be Affecting Your Brain

Food phobias are becoming the norm in the fitness industry. Many times it is what fuels the “dedication” of many athletes who display rigid food restriction year round. It’s not always just a matter of willpower but, in fact, a fear-based avoidance […]

Pumpkin Cauliflower Soup

Welcome to the world of lazy cooking

This week’s recipe came about when I found myself with the combination of not enough cauliflower to make my cauliflower soup and a serious hankering for a hot meal to end my day. I make a carrot soup in a similar fashion and […]

Banana Chocolate Chip Protein Blender Muffins

Welcome to the world of lazy cooking.

If you’re serious about your goals you’re likely very serious about wanting to keep accurate track of your calorie intake. If you’re serious about accurate tracking then you probably already know that preparing your own meals is the way to go when possible. […]

Understanding Cholesterol – And Why My Doctor Hates Me

Many years ago, my doctor suggested I consider statins when she saw my lipid panel results…here was my reply to her

Okay, let me start off by saying that I truly believe we need to get on the same page on the cholesterol topic. If you recall, in your written letter to me, you stated […]

Calorie Shifting – Improvement to Traditional Calorie Restriction?

In our attempts to rid ourselves of excess body fat, I’m sure we’ve all heard of about a million different dietary designs guaranteed to provide the best dieting experience. And, as we all know by now, it is the energy balance that dictates the end result. In other words, if you consume less than you […]

Women and Fat Loss by Lyle McDonald

This is an excerpt from a forthcoming book on fat loss, addressing every topic you can think of, from Lyle McDonald. Please visit for further information on Lyle’s books as well as hundreds of excellent articles.

Women and Fat Loss: An Overview

As a general observation, while men and women show about the same […]