Set Points and Why You May Find Yourself “Stuck”

We see it far too often. New Years approaches, and along with it come New Years diet resolutions. Many times the month of January is filled with quick progress, the fat burning off of the dieter’s body at a rapid pace. Then, something happens. It is almost as if the body says “enough is enough” […]

StackingPlates now on Instagram

Now to see if I can figure out how this whole hashtag things works!


A truly inspirational post by fitness competitor AddingPins…

One of my favorite fitness athletes made a post today saying ‘Be motivated by the fear of being average.’ and though I fully respect her I don’t agree at all. Fear is never good motivation. Fear only thrives on more fear. Motivate yourself by NOT being afraid. […]

Bullying the Fat Newscaster

A video has been circulating today regarding a letter received by WKBT newscaster Jennifer Livingston.

The letter was actually an email from a viewer asking her to consider the effect that her appearance may have on young, impressionable viewers. Livingston then goes on a four minute rant about how this was bullying and it was […]

Reader Mail: Protein Supplements and Nosy Co-workers

Recently, I was told by a co-worker that taking large amounts of protein in the morning like I do will cause me to have “severe kidney and liver problems”. Much of this information seems to be perpetuated by a Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D., who seems to adhere to the “Amino Acid Issue” argument. Please see […]

Hello World

Every site needs an introduction to the world; a mission statement or tone setter, if you will. For those programmers of the world the “Hello World” phrase is probably self explanatory but, for those who aren’t, it is traditionally used to describe the process where new programmers create simple programs as they familiarize themselves […]